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10 Healthy Habits to Cultivate in 2020

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Cheers to 2020 friends!


A new year and the beginning of a brand-new decade. A time of reflection, goal setting, and fresh starts.


Think about the last 10 years of your life. Personally. Professionally. Emotionally. Spiritually… WOW! A lot can happen in 10 years. Just think if you create just 10 new healthy habits a year, that’s 100 new healthy habits in the next decade. 

Easy peasy… let’s get to it!


  • Drink Water!

We’ve all heard it a million times, but water is SO important to our health. 75% of American’s are dehydrated according to a survey by the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. It’s the simplest, cheapest, most accessible and effective habit we can start at literally anytime to benefit our overall health. No excuses… just do it!

  • You are what you eat.

Do I really have to explain this? Think about nutritional content over calories and raw over processed. Try to commit to one large, or two small (side) salads a day. Stick to organic greens and top it with fresh veggies, protein of your choice, and a simple vinaigrette for extra points. Your body needs these nutrients to be in optimal health!

  • Practice gratitude.

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Some days it is more difficult to feel gratitude, but at least pick 3 things every day you can be grateful for. If you can keep going don’t stop there! The point is a grateful heart attracts more things to be grateful for. Trust me… it just does.

  • Start everyday by making your bed.

We live in a busy world with to do lists that sometimes seem endless. If you start your day by making your bed, you have already accomplished one thing in the first few minutes of your feet hitting the ground. It just sets the tone for the rest of the day and psychologically prepares you to crush the day. It’s science… or discipline. Something like that, Ha!

  • Self-Care is medicine.

Self-care seems to be a buzzword these days. Facials: self-care. Tech detox: self-care. Message: self-care. Naps: self-care. Vacation: self-care. Botox: self-care. Self-care is whatever makes you feel taken care of, refreshed, and supports you bringing your best foot forward. Do you boo… just do it!

  • Move your body.

You can find at least 30 minutes to move your body a day. Dance. Yoga. Run. WALK. Whatever floats your boat… this supports not only physical health but mental and emotional health as well. You can do it!

  • Read a book.

If you only committed to 10 pages of a good book (something educational that will get you closer to your dreams is recommended) you could get through 2 books a month (on average)! Put your phone down before bed and pick up a book instead.

  • Practice self-development.

The most successful people are always learning new things and improving themselves. Not because they are broken, but because if you’re not growing you’re not living up to your full potential. There's so many ways and methods to practice self-development. Just google it...

  • Do something you’re terrible at.

Hear me out- when you’re not good at something it just means that you haven’t dedicated time to learning how to do it well. Anyone can learn to do anything… we are pretty amazing creatures as humans. I recommend picking something that would be useful to you and your goals; bonus points if it scares you.

  • Be present.

Worry. Stress. Anxiety. All things that are the result of not living in the present moment. Take 10 minutes a day to dedicate to just being fully present. Close your eyes and just listen to yourself breathe, deeply, slowly. Don’t try not to think… it’s impossible. Just try to focus your attention to your breath as much as you can. You will receive immediate calming sensations and when you’re calm you are more prepared to handle whatever situation you are facing.


Whew! 10 simple yet effective habits that you can cultivate starting this year. It takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. How long it takes a new habit to form varies widely; anywhere from 18 days to 254 days. There’s 365 days in a year… YOU CAN DO IT!

Now make a list of 10 habits you would personally like to cultivate and just START!

 From one hairdresser to another

Lael xx