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IMI # 2 - Setting Up Your Store Front

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Welcome to your next Instagram Marketing Installment (IMI) 

Instagram is an effective tool to build your business as a hairdresser, and its FREE!
In our last IMI, I shared with you the importance of creating a brand that has passion, purpose, and a solid WHY behind it. In this installment we will discuss your instagram page; your Storefront.

Setting Up Your Storefront

When People first visit your Instagram page, the photo above is what they see. This is your profile photo, bio, website, and the first 3 photos. Of course you will also see your number of followers, contact info, saved stories, etc. 
I will reference this (and your most recent 12 photos) as your Storefront. Your store front creates an image that invites the potential client to look and see more of your posts, connect with your brand, and then do business with you. 

First things first...

Make your page public. People cannot find you if you are private.They will not be able to see your photos through hashtags, they will not be able to see if your friends comment or tag your photos, YOU ARE BASICALLY INVISIBLE. The whole point of marketing your business online is to be visible and gain exposure for your brand. If you are concerned about privacy, I would strongly suggest you create a business profile (separate from a personal one) and make it public. 

(hint: if the toggle next to Private Account is green, your account is private. Make sure it looks like the photo to the left so people can see you!) Best practice: no hats or designer sunglasses!

Profile Photo



Pick a great photo for your profile photo that shows who YOU are. OR... if you have a branded logo, use it to create brand recognition.

It is recommended that you use headshot that is just the face and make sure the eyes show. They say eyes are the windows to the soul... this will help people connect with you. Best practice: no hats or  designer sunglasses!
This is an advanced tip, but if you take the extra time to do it, it can have a big benefit:

Label your photo before you upload it. You know on your computer when there is an image it usually says something like IMG_123.JPEG? You will want to change this to your name (first and last might be best) and maybe hairstylist. It would look something like this:
What this does for you is allows your photo to be come up on Google searches. When someone searches for you, your photo will pop up and it will direct them to your Instagram. 

This feature works easiest using a computer. Just save the photo to your desktop, rename it, and upload it to IG! 

Use the Bio to sell yourself. 

  • Always list a website (yours if you have one, the salon you work at, or booking site).
  • If you have an iPhone, use notes to create lists, and copy and paste. Androids have a return feature so you can create a list right in the app, so you can skip this step.
  • The use of emojis can add color which draws the persons eye
  • Make it compelling; this is your shot to peak their interest! Put something interesting that helps to show your WHY. (Refer to the TedTalks video in the previous IMI for understanding what your WHY is.)
  • Create your own unique hashtag and add it to your bio (more on hashtags in future IMI). See below for an example:

This one is pure gold!

In the “name” section of the bio, add your location and your title (ie. La Jolla Hairstylist) This area is a searchable field, so add what you want to come up in searches. This means... if someone searches "La Jolla Hairstylist" on Instagram, your page will show up. 
Actively maintain your first 6-12 photos so they reflect the brand you want to create. Most people will base their decision whether to follow you, check out the rest of your work, or book you based on these photos. In future IMI I will share with you my tips for creating great content!
I hope you learned something valuable in this IMI! Be sure to keep your eyes out for the next installment, where I will share with you how you can use your photos as your "Product and Packaging". If you enjoyed this segment I would love to hear from you; leave a comment or question on our Facebook page so we can connect! (click on the Facebook icon below for easy access)

From one hairdresser to another,
- Lael
Founder, Venuedu