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IMI #3

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It's week 3 of our our IMI installments!

In this week’s IMI, we will be discussing how to deliver your product. Let’s call it “Packaging”. Your product is your services - whether it be hair coloring, cutting, or styling - that you are selling!

The way it comes across in an Instagram photo is key. Instagram is all about telling a story through photos, so in order to attract photos you much post KICK ASS PHOTOS!

Remember from the previous IMI 2, your photos are your storefront; what grabs peoples’ attention and makes them want to do business with you.


Great Model
Your work should showcase your clients’ natural beauty. Let’s see those beautiful faces!
Great Hair
Your potential clients will be browsing your photos to find inspiration and give them confidence in choosing you.  Your  clients’ hair can be your best advertisement!
Great Photo
The quality of your photos is the Packaging. Make sure you are showcasing the hair with great composition! Edit, edit, edit!


You have spent hours on the hair, take a few extra minutes to set up the right photo. Think of the entire photo as a whole or scene, rather than just a quick pic capturing the hair.

Step aside from being a hairdresser, and become a photographer!


Photography tips:


  • As your work compliments your client’s features and bone structure, the photo should as well! Play around with different angles. Have the client tilt their head, lengthen their neck, then move the camera around until you catch it. Remember: Move the client more than the camera. Get some pictures of the client in mid-move; you may be pleasantly surprised!
  • Consider using the camera’s “burst” feature if it has one! This involves holding the shutter down as the client moves, resulting in (literally!) 25 or 30+ pictures of the “same” pose. Upon reviewing, keep 1-3 of the best, then delete the rest!
  • Consider taking some short videos, then pausing the video and grabbing a “screenshot” of that pose! This works great if you’re ever trying to capture your client in the classic “feet off the ground” jump pose! This will take practice! In our digital world, we’re not “wasting film”, so take (literally!) hundreds of pictures so you will have a few exceptional photos!


  • As we all know, hair color changes depending on the lighting. The best lighting for showcasing hair color is indirect, natural lighting.If your salon does not have great natural light, take the client outside.
  • Keep in mind: the best outside light is when the sun is low in the sky; early morning, or just before sunset! Unless you’re consciously going for a “beach photo”, avoid bright mid-day sun, when the sun is high in the sky! You may also want to invest in a ring light (we use Diva Ring). As you’re taking photos, be aware of shadows.


  • No one wants to see your station with color bowls, tools or products all over. Unless, similar to the “beach photo” above, your goal is to show an active, busy workstation. *This is where taking more photos than you’ll use really pays off!*
  • Photos with a solid background keep your storefront looking clean and are less distracting from your work. Pick a signature wall/backdrop to make yours pop. This will make your work stand out as YOURS. Keep it SIMPLE!

Advanced tip:

Watermark your photos. Either with your own custom watermark or your name. Put in the background DO NOT COVER THE HAIR. Make sure this doesn’t distract from the hair!
(I can give instructions on how to do this, just get in touch through one of our social networks and let me know you want them!)

Just have fun and get a bit creative with your photos!

In our next IMI, I will share with you my tips for creating great content. 

From one hairdresser to another,