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IMI #5

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IMI 5 - Lets talk about Hashtags #

You’re It!

Hashtags are another way for people to find you and your brand. Your photos will show up on searches for each particular hashtag. You can make sure the right audience is finding your photos - and ultimately your page - based on your hashtags.

Let’s be real for a minute … nothing tops good content (refer to our previous IMI regarding content). Hashtags are just another tool in your toolbox to add exposure. Following are our best tips for hashtagging. 


Don't Describe...

#   Do not hashtag in the description, unless you are posting for a certain purpose or participating in a specific event. Example: #modernsalon, #disneypoplocks, #weddingwednesday.

#   Post photo with a description, then add hashtags in a comment. This hides your hashtagging from people passing by.
Be Hashtag Specific...

# Geo-tagging

Hashtag your location, surrounding areas, or places that you will travel to work. Example: #sandiego #carlsbad #orangecounty #newyork #northcounty  #bayarea #downtownLA

Make it count...

#     Use words specific to what your photo portrays. Example: #weddinghair #redhair #shorthair #texturedhair

#      Hashtag big pages with their specific hashtag. Example: #modernsalon #americansalon #imallaboutdahair. This can lead to features which lead to exposure and expanding your reach. Don’t forget to also tag the big pages on the photo; using their hashtag is not enough to get noticed.

#      Create your own hashtag that is unique to you. Example: #susiedoeshair #hairbysusieq



#     Try to avoid overused hashtags, as this will put your photo among hundreds of thousands of other photos with the same hashtag, and usually only reachable in the first 5 min (roughly). Example: #longhair #hairstylist #hair. Instead, use more specific hashtags. Example: #longblondehair #carlsbadhairstylist #beautifulhair

HOS - Hashtag Overuse Syndrome!

Using the same hashtags too often: an innocent mistake that could cost you your visibility and engagement on Instagram! Instagram might pick up on this as spam, even if you’re simply using the same hashtags across your posts to maintain continuity. 

Be wary of posting exactly the same hashtags each time you post, and don’t rely too much on branded hashtags. In fact, according to Instagram, we shouldn’t be relying too much on hashtags in general, however, they are still a useful tool for exposure. 

Instagram acknowledged this recently in an article intended for business users. Below are key points from this article:

#      When developing content, focus on your business objective or goal rather than hashtags.

#      Have a distinct visual presence: Include your logo, an iconic brand element, a brand color or even a product you’re known for to make your content distinct and easily recognizable for the community

#      Tell a story that supports your business goal

#      Put thought, love and care into your content so it really stands out

From one hairdresser to another,