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766 S Nardo Ave, A2, Solana Beach, CA 92075, United States

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mindset Reset - Salon Owners Edition
Mindset Reset - Salon Owners Edition


Mindset Reset - Salon Owners Edition

Monrovia, California, June 1st 10:00am-4:30pm 

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Mindset Reset - Salon Owners Edition

Mindset Reset - Salon Owners Edition

Mindset Reset - Salon Owners Edition
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Who is the class for?

A team based, hourly, or commission based salon owner. Or a suite owner/renter that is interested in one day becoming a salon owner. Or has the desire to become a better leader and have a better overall understanding of their business.



Your mindset is one of the key components to a successful business owner. Come along with me on this 5 hour journey as we dive deep into:
Branding. Leadership. Hiring stylists.  And the 3 key drivers to make more of a profit.

In this powerful class you will learn how shifting your mindset when it comes to the following, can have a great impact on your business and your bottom line. 
1. Leading you team of stylists from a space of confidence not fear
2. Creating or recreating your core values and mission for your business to build  loyal relationships between your stylists and yourself.
3.  Branding your business in a way where stylists seek you out to work in your salon and stay long term.
4. Hiring, training, and on-boarding. The one key element salon owners typically skip. This will change the dynamic in your salon from day 1.
5. Making financial decisions based on facts. We will learn the 3 key drivers behind increasing your profit margins.

Are you ready to level up in your business? See you on June 1st. xo, NinaClass

Location: Agence Salon
Address: 120 E Lemon St
                Monrovia CA, 91016