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VenuEdu is your connection to the most innovative education classes and courses in the industry.

Are you a salon professional who's always looking for opportunities to improve your craft, and learn the most cutting edge and up to date techniques? VenuEdu is for you!

Why are we here?

We are dedicated to connecting you to the best education opportunities in the industry, and making it easy for you to find any type of education you want. We are constantly searching for and adding courses and classes to our cross industry opportunities and are an "all inclusive" brand. Our destination for education will expose you to new US brands, international brands, and the brands you already know and trust.

VenuEdu is your destination for relevant education that will add massive value to your business as a professional hairdresser.

Who are we?

Hello! I’m Lael, the Founder of VenuEdu. I have been working as a hairdresser for 13 years and have a massive passion for education, and I know first hand the value continued education adds to a business behind the chair. After years of taking classes and attending industry events (that felt like a product push or an ego show more than education), I was left feeling like the education I was searching for didn’t exist. This lead me on a 6 year quest to find the education that I wanted, that I just knew HAD to be out there. I was hungry for REAL education and spent so much time looking for classes that would give me the technique based education I was craving. I scoured social media for hours, searched on google, and asked people in the industry I respected for recommendations. All the people I spoke to in the industry were challenged just like me!  Not sure where to look for great classes and courses, which educators to pay attention to, and invest hard earned money in with confidence… sound familiar? Or what about investing in education that didn’t deliver what you had hoped for?

Why wasn’t there a place for people to go and find education we could trust, compare and align with our schedules and budgets, and leave feeling inspired and like we learned something valuable?

Well, I can assure you, you will find quality education that we will vouch for here at VenuEdu! SO MUCH INCREDIBLE EDUCATION! Courses where the art of our craft is revered and respected and the passion behind it is inspiring.

Because I spent the last 6 years in education nearly every weekend, and invested thousands and thousands of dollars on courses, I believe that knowledge carries over into my vision for VenuEdu. I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to train with some of the best educators in the world, train internationally, and expand my industry network to a global community of insane (in the best way) hairdressers. You wouldn’t believe what this has done for me personally, and professionally… UNREAL! In just six years I was able to increase my value as a hairdresser by three times... all thanks to my investment in advanced education.

Now, I want everyone, no matter their skill level or industry status, to have access to great education... and have the opportunity to increase their income massively. I wanted somewhere to share it in a way that was easy, quick, and accessible to anyone who wanted it. Why wasn’t there just one single place that I could go to search for courses and classes, purchase a reservation, and be exposed to all different brands of education and relevant techniques?

I decided to create something for hairdressers like me. And then, VenuEdu was born… 

Who is it for?

Hairdressers of any skill level, whether you are newly licensed or a seasoned industry veteran, we have a course for you! If you are passionate about your craft and believe that education is the key to success… our courses and classes will move your skill and business forward.