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766 S Nardo Ave, A2, Solana Beach, CA 92075, United States

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

How to create Greate Bone Structure
How to create Greate Bone Structure

How to create Greate Bone Structure

San Diego, California, August 25th 10:30am-1:30pm

California Makeup Academy

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The California Makeup Academy is a traveling training organization that was first established in Southern California in 1990 …. by a group of Professional Makeup Artist.     

CMA is dedicated to providing quality education to all students that have made their career goal or side job to becoming a successful Makeup Artist.

Having 28 years in the industry, CMA has prepared thousands of students for entry level work as a Makeup Artist in Print / Advertising / Fashion / Film & TV and the Retail Industry. CMA has even a “Oscar” winner under their belt.

We are dedicated to providing ongoing Advanced Educational Workshops that will enhance the growth of our craft.

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How to create Greate Bone Structure

How to create Greate Bone Structure

How to create Greate Bone Structure
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Class Details

The Power of Makeup !
Proper Contouring and Highlighting is a very important skill for any professional Makeup Artist. 

Get ready for a more polished Fall/Winter Look by mastering the correct techniques for contouring.  Done properly will give you a professional realistic appearance.  It will enhance the bone structure of your model to add a better definition to the shape of their face.

1.  Develop your skills for a High Fashion

2.  Learn the best products / tools to use

3.  Demos and some hands on practice
      will help develop your talent for a     
      natural shadow effect giving a non-dirt

4.  A personalized “Face Mapping”   
     technique will be taught to balance

5.  Day & Evening versions will be shown

Makeup Kit ...
Makeup Brushes
Notebook & Pen for note taking

Goodie Bag of cosmetic samples

(ramp / elevator for disabled)

Class Location: Swagg Salon
Address: 925 B Street Suite 294 (2nd Floor)
               San Diego, CA 92101